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400 in 1 SUP Game Box Mini Handheld Game Console Retro Portable Video Game Console 3.0 Inch LCD Screen

  • Product Code: HGP058
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400 in 1 SUP Game Box Mini Handheld Game Console Retro Portable Video Game Console 3.0 Inch LCD Screen


System: 8 bit

Color: Black/White/Yellow/Blue/Red

Screen:3.0 inch TFT color screen   

Game Function: built-in 400 games   

Other function: Support TV connection 

Battery: Built in 800mAh battery,can last for 6 hours

Package included:

1x  Mini Handheld Game Console

1x AV cable

1x Rechargeable Li-battery

1x USB cable

1x User manual 

1x Retail Packing



001 Contra24in1

002 SuperContra24in1

003 SuperMarioBros

004 Jackal

005 Rush'nAttack

006 Lifeforce

007 RainbowIslands

008 SuperMario3

009 TheLegendOfKage

010 Galaga

011 Galaxian

012 Macross

013 SpartanX

014 AdventureIsland3

015 LunarBall

016 Soccer

017 Goonies

018 Gradius

019 F1Race

020 YieArKungFu

021 DigDug

022 TwinBee

023 BomberMan

024 Sodoku

025 BattleCity

026 BoxWorld

027 BubbleBobblePart2

028 CrossFire

029 Batman

030 DoubleDragon2

031 GuerillaWar

032 GunNac

033 IsolatedWarrior

034 Kage

035 Mario14

036 MightyFinalFight

037 MissionImpossible

038 MitsumeGaTooru

039 NinjaGaiden3

040 SnowBros

041 SpiderMan

042 TinyToon3CrazyCastle

043 TurtleFighter

044 WaganLand

045 Pacmania

046 SkyDreamer

047 AdventuresOfLolo

048 AdventuresOflolo2

049 AngryBird3

050 Arkanoid

051 AstroRoboSasa

052 Babel

053 Backstroke

054 Badminton

055 BalloonShoot

056 Baltron

057 BreastStroke

058 ButterflyStroke

059 BWings

060 1942

061 CandyWorkshop

062 Challenger

063 Checkers

064 ChineseCheckers

065 ChubbyCherub

066 Difference

067 DigDug2

068 DoughBoy

069 DrMario

070 Duck

071 EggContest

072 ElevatorAction

073 Escapeway

074 ExedExes

075 Fairy'sTreasure

076 FallingBlocks

077 FinalBlood

078 FireDragon

079 FishStory

080 Flappy

081 FlingBall

082 FreestyleStroke

083 FruitGift

084 Galg

085 Geimos

086 Goodhand

087 Gradirs

088 Greeds

089 Gyrodine

090 HammerAndNail

091 HappyMatch

092 Hassle

093 Hearts

094 HelloKitty

095 Highcard

096 IceHockey

097 Lightning

098 LotLot

099 MachRider

100 MagicEgg

101 MagicMatheMatic

102 Magmax

103 Meccano

104 MetroCross

105 MightyBombJack

106 MirrorDevilWord

107 MouseHero

108 MouseSnare

109 Mowing

110 MsPacMan

111 MusicMoment

112 Ninja2

113 NutCracky

114 Octopus

115 OnyankoTown

116 PenguinKunWars

117 Pindable

118 PizzaBoy

119 PlantsVsZomb

120 PokerAv

121 PoliceDog

122 PoliceVsThief

123 Polk

124 PongPong

125 PowerRobot

126 ProWrestling

127 Pulveration

128 RabbitVillage

129 RiverJump

130 RoadWorker

131 Route16Turbo

132 Seamaid

133 SeaportGuarl

134 SeaWolf

135 Seicross

136 SkyKid

137 Slalom

138 Slot

139 SonSon

140 Spelunker

141 SpringWorld

142 SpyVsSpy

143 Sqoon

144 Submarine

145 SuperChinese

146 ThePenguinSeal

147 Thexder

148 ThroughMan

149 ToadInTheHole

150 TowerofDruaga

151 ToyFactory

152 Vigilant

153 Volguard2

154 Volleyball

155 WarZone

156 WonderBall

157 WreckingCrew

158 Xevious

159 10YardFight

160 110mHurdles

161 4Mahjong

162 Aimless

163 AntarcticAdventure

164 Antiquarium

165 Aquarium

166 Arabian

167 Archery

168 Arena

169 Assart

170 AwfulRushing

171 BalloonFight

172 Baseball

173 BattleCity2

174 BinaryLand

175 BirdWeek

176 BlackWhiteChess

177 BlockPuzzle

178 BombSweeper

179 BrushRoller

180 Bubble

181 Bugbear

182 Bug'sWar

183 Burbles

184 BurgerTime

185 BurrowExplorer

186 Cannonade

187 CareBear

188 Chack'nPop

189 CityConnection

190 CloseQuarters

191 CluCluLand

192 CoastGuard

193 Conqueror

194 Convection

195 Corridor

196 CubAdventure

197 CuteFish

198 Dada

199 Defender2

200 Defensive

201 Deflower

202 DepthBomb

203 DevildomDoom

204 DevilWorld

205 Diamond

206 Dominoes

207 DonkeyKong

208 DonkeyKong3

209 DonkeyKongJr

210 DonkeyKongJrMath

211 DoorDoor

212 DragonDen

213 DuneWar

214 Excitebike

215 Exerion

216 Falling

217 FieldCombat

218 Fighter

219 FireBase

220 FirstDefender

221 Fisher

222 FishWar

223 FiveDays

224 FormationZ

225 Freecell

226 FrontLine

227 Fruitdish

228 FutureTank

229 Gallagant

230 GardenWar

231 Gate

232 GlommyChess

233 GoalKeeper

234 Golf

235 Gomoku

236 GrotKid

237 Hallihoo

238 HappyAdventure

239 HexapodWar

240 HitMouse

241 Hoodle

242 HotSpeed

243 HyperOlympic

244 HyperSports

245 IceClimber

246 Ikki

247 IqChampion

248 Jewelry

249 Joust

250 JunglyGuy

251 Karateka

252 Labyrinth

253 LevinAction

254 LodeRunner2

255 Lunarian

256 Lunation

257 MadXmas

258 MagicBubble

259 Mahjong

260 ManInRed

261 Mappy

262 MarioBros

263 Millipede

264 Motoboat

265 Nibbles

266 NightArrow

267 NinjaKun

268 NutsMilk

269 OldMaid

270 Othello

271 PacMan

272 PanzerAttack

273 Patternmaker

274 Penguin

275 PentaBase

276 Pinball

277 Pobble

278 Poker

279 PolarBat

280 Pooyan

281 Popeye

282 popeyeJ

283 Pyramid

284 RadishField

285 RaidonBungelingBay

286 RescueKuck

287 Resistant

288 RoadFighter

289 RuralGoblin

290 SeasonGarden

291 Shoot

292 ShrewMouse

293 SilentHunter

294 SkyDestroyer

295 SkyInvader

296 SmallDinosaur

297 SmallMario

298 Snowball

299 SpaceEt

300 SpaceWar

301 Star

302 StarFighter

303 StarForce

304 StarGate

305 Strafe

306 SurfaceFire

307 Tactful

308 Tennis

309 TheArcher

310 TheFarmer

311 TwinCards

312 TwinFish

313 UfoRace

314 UnderseaArena

315 UrbanChampion

316 Warpman

317 Warrior

318 Wrestle

319 XRacing

320 ZeroGravity

321 FieldCombat

322 Fighter

323 FireBase

324 FirstDefender

325 Fisher

326 FishWar

327 FiveDays

328 FormationZ

329 Freecell

330 FrontLine

331 Fruitdish

332 FutureTank

333 Gallagant

334 GardenWar

335 Gate

336 GlommyChess

337 GoalKeeper

338 Golf

339 Gomoku

340 GrotKid

341 Hallihoo

342 HappyAdventure

343 HexapodWar

344 HitMouse

345 Hoodle

346 HotSpeed

347 HyperOlympic

348 HyperSports

349 IceClimber

350 Ikki

351 IqChampion

352 Jewelry

353 Joust

354 JunglyGuy

355 Karateka

356 Labyrinth

357 LevinAction

358 LodeRunner2

359 Lunarian

360 Lunation

361 MadXmas

362 MagicBubble

363 Mahjong

364 ManInRed

365 Mappy

366 MarioBros

367 Millipede

368 Motoboat

369 Nibbles

370 NightArrow

371 NinjaKun

372 NutsMilk

373 OldMaid

374 Othello

375 PacMan

376 PanzerAttack

377 Patternmaker

378 Penguin

379 PentaBase

380 Pinball

381 Pobble

382 Poker

383 PolarBat

384 Pooyan

385 Popeye

386 popeyeJ

387 Pyramid

388 RadishField

389 RaidonBungelingBay

390 RescueKuck

391 Resistant

392 RoadFighter

393 TankA1990

394 Tetris2

395 ChineseChess

396 LodeRunner

397 CircusCharlie

398 SkyDestroyer

399 SkyInvader

400 ZippyRace

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