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Retro Mini Handheld Game Console 32 Bit Portable Game Players Built-in 169 GBA Classic Games Best Gift for Kids

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Retro Mini Handheld Game Console 32 Bit Portable Game Players Built-in 169 GBA Classic Games Best Gift for Kids


OS: 32 bit

CPU/RAM: 384MHz/32MB

Screen: 2.0 inch

Battery: Built in 1020 mah battery

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Grey

Game Type: GBA, GBC, GB etc.

Capacity: 256M, support 32GB TF card extend,support download other games

Function: Support save games, Video, Music, Ebook, Photos, 

System Language: 25 languages

Package Include:

1 x Handheld game player

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Lithium battery

1 x User Manual

Retro Mini Handheld Game Console 169 Game List:

001 Metal Slug Adv.gba

002 Golden Sun.gba

003 The king of fighters EX 2.gba

004 Mario Kart Super Circuit.gba

005 Super Mario Advance 4+3.gba

006 Dinou Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.zip

007 Captain Commando.zip

008 Street fight 2.zip

009 Punisher.zip

010 Final Fight.zip

011 Area 88.zip

012 Donkey Kong Country 2.gba

013 Crash Bandicoot 2.gba

014 Castlevania-Aria Of Sorrow.gba

015 The Legend Of Zelda-Link To The Past.gba

016 Contra Advance.gba

017 Mega man 1.zip

018 Three Wonders.zip

019 Strider Hiryu.zip

020 Bomberman Tournament.gba

021 CT Special Forces.gba

022 Super Ghouls'n Ghosts.gba

023 FIFA 2003.gba

024 Ninja 5-0.gba

025 Klonoa-Empire of Dreams.gba

026 Rebelsta-Tactical Command.gba

027 Tom and Jerry.gba

028 Ice Age.gba

029 Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie.gba

030 Tweety & The Magic Gems.gba

031 Shrek Hassle At The Castle.gba

032 Mortal Kombat.smc

033 Jungle Book.smc

034 Aladdin.sfc

035 Biker Mice from Mars.smc

036 Daffy Duck.smc

037 Sonic Blast Man.smc

038 Soccer Kid.sfc

039 Sunset Riders.sfc

040 Mr Nutz.sfc

041 Tiny Toon Adv.sfc

042 Zool.smc

043 Krusty's Super Fun House.smc

044 F-Zero.smc

045 Bust-A-Move.sfc

046 Goof Troop.smc

047 Congo's Caper.smc

048 Smash TV.sfc

049 Turrican.sfc

050 Classic Kong complete.smc

051 Super Bowling.sfc

052 Frogger.smc

053 Q-bert 3.sfc

054 Zoop.sfc

055 Sonic The Hedgehog.bin

056 Comix Zone.bin

057 Gunstar Heroes.bin

058 Animaniacs.bin

059 fire shark.bin

060 Twin Cobra.bin

061 Double Dragon.bin

062 Golden Axe.bin

063 Road Rash.bin

064 Spider-Man.bin

065 Batman.bin

066 Robocop 3.bin

067 Streets of Rage.bin

068 Alien 3.bin

069 Battletoads.bin

070 Ghostbusters.bin

071 James Bond 007.bin

072 Super Real Basketball.bin

073 Alex Kidd.bin

074 Pyramid Magic II.bin

075 Zoom!.bin

076 Ms. Pac-Man.bin

077 Klax.bin

078 Shove It.bin

079 Fatal Labyrinth.bin

080 Flicky.bin

081 Super Mario Bros.nes

082 Super Contra.nes

083 Contra Force.nes

084 Contra.nes

085 Tekken 2.nes

086 Battle City.nes

087 Double Dragon II.nes

088 Double Dragon III.nes

089 Power Blade 1.nes

090 Power Blade 2.nes

091 Ninja Gaiden 1.nes

092 Ninja Gaiden 2.nes

093 Hudson's Adventure Island II.nes

094 Hudson's Adventure Island III.nes

095 G.I. Joe-A Real American Hero.nes

096 Battletoads & Double Dragon.nes

097 Silk Worm.nes

098 Snow Brothers.nes

099 Castlevania 2.nes

100 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.nes

101 Cross Fire.nes

102 Journey to Silius.nes

103 Kick Master.nes

104 Metal Storm.nes

105 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.nes

106 Kage.nes

107 Mickey Mania 7.nes

108 RoadBlasters.nes

109 Bad Dudes.nes

110 Blaster Master.nes

111 Eliminator Boat Duel.nes

112 Hammerin' Harry.nes

113 Felix the Cat.nes

114 Little Nemo-The Dream Master.nes

115 Fire 'n Ice.nes

116 Low G Man.nes

117 Home Alone 2.nes

118 Karnov.nes

119 Rockman 1.nes

120 Duck Tales 1.nes

121 The Little Mermaid.nes

122 Ikari Warriors.nes

123 Fantasy Zone.nes

124 The Uncanny X-Men.nes

125 Rainbow Islands.nes

126 Bad Street Brawler.nes

127 Commando.nes

128 Cabal.nes

129 Side Pocket.nes

130 Dr. Mario.nes

131 The Legend of Kage.nes

132 Angry Birds.nes

133 Hello Kitty World.nes

134 Spy Hunter.nes

135 Banana.nes

136 Bee 52.nes

137 Arkanoid 1.nes

138 Mario Wrecking Crew.nes

139 Excitebike.nes

140 Battle of Midway1942.nes

141 Dig Dug II.nes

142 Tetris Game.nes

143 Exed Exes.nes

144 Soccer.nes

145 Kung Fu.nes

146 Bomberman.nes

147 Lode Runner.nes

148 Lode Runner 2.nes

149 Mario Bros.nes

150 Road Fighter.nes

151 Tennis.NES

152 Circus Charlie.nes

153 Nuts & Milk.nes

154 Hassle.nes

155 Super Pinball.nes

156 Antarctic Adventure.nes

157 Bird Week.nes

158 Brush Roller.nes

159 Burger Time.nes

160 Chack 'n Pop.nes

161 Clu Clu Land.nes

162 Ikki.nes

163 Karateka.nes

164 Magic Jewelry.nes

165 Millipede.nes

166 Star Force.nes

167 Super Arabian.nes

168 Urban Champion.nes

169 Warpman.nes

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