Affiliate Program

Start Joining in GoGiftPro affiliate program and make money today.

Earn highest commission, Our affiliate partners earn 8% commission for each sale generated by their referrals, For example, If the referral sale amount reach $100.00 USD, So affiliates will earn $8.00 USD from our affiliate program.

Our affiliate program features:

- 8% commission for each sale.

- 60 days cookies duration.

- Payout monthly.

- 2 promotion way, banner ads and URL tracking.

- Have access to your tracking stats dashboard.


Do I need a business license to join your affliate program?

No, You don't, You can join our affiliate program if you have any possible way to referral  our products, website , blog, social media, video channel and forum.

How to open affiliate program account?

Click "Register";

Click "Also I would like to open an Affiliate account";

Filling your account and affiliate details, If you don't have a company and website, Please leave it blank, But you have to enter your PayPal account, Because We only pay you commission by PayPal.

How much commission will I get from your affiliate program?

Our program default commission is 8% each sale, You can apply for higher commission up to 20% for specific catagories.

How does affliate program work?

You can share the banners and  items on gogiftpro with your own affiliate tracking code to your audience, and earn commssion after a successful purchase.

How to begin?

1. Register an account first or login your account

2. Custom your affiliate tracking code, you can select banner ads or URL product tracking code.

3. Paste our banner code or URL tracking on your website.

4. when a user click your banner or URL, and place an order, You will automatically received 8% of the sale.

5. Payout will be made via PayPal monthly or reach $100.00 USD account balance.